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Materials : 98% HDPE plastic and 2% UV or additives: color.

Thread diameter : 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm. 

Denier: 320 ~ 380DA

Mesh size6.35*12mm

Weight : 78 ~ 100 g/m2

Length: : 50 m or over.

Width: 1m – 6.5m. Following Customer’s request

Color : White, Green. Following Customer’s request


HDPE Green House  Net  

Green Shade net or green house net, which are made from HDPE , are useful for a multitude of purposes including, filtering UV rays from crops getting exposed, maintaining the required temperature inside the greenhouse irrespective of the outside climate, saving the crops from hail, stopping moisture and frost from creating soil fertility problems. Application of these nets are prevalent in horticulture, agriculture and is often considered an optimal method to cover the crop with a greenhouse shading net. These nets allow a farmer to grow a crop in any situation, which could be a major factor for revenue boost and is an adaptable, sophisticated, and cost-effective method in farming.

Application of Green house net

The Greenhouse nets can be chosen according to the size and the light shade efficiency implying that it can be applied to a farm of any scale and the light necessity of the crop to grow. The material used in these nets is generally anti – UV, which generally absorbs excessively intense light and protects that light from reaching the crop. The structure of the nets is mostly built using a strong foundation and fixated tightly playing a crucial part in keeping the net stable even in adverse situations like a hailstorm or heavy rain.



Advantages of Greenhouse Shading Net

These nets can be used anytime irrespactive of the season. In the summer, the shade net protect the plants from the light and screens UV rays. Thus, plants can be grown under a controlled condition. In the rainy and winter seansons, the net stops rainwater, hails, moisture and frost from reaching the soil and roots of the plaint to save them from excessive moisture.

Where should you buy green house net?

Iri Factory Vina is the one of leading green housr net factory in the North Vietnam. We can meet a lot of customer requirement about thickness, size and color. For the more information check out our website: or givive a phone call to +84 868.484.548. It's our pleased to give you some advices.


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