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Material: 100% high density polyethylene.

Yarn diameter: 0.18 ~ 0.3 mm.

Denier: 260 ~ 380 DA

Mesh size: 2 mm – 4 mm.

Wind Reduction: 35%, shade rate 45% - 50gsm

Weight: 33-80gsm, Special spec can be customized.

Length: 50 m – 200 m. customized as customer's requirement.

Width: 2 m – 6.5 m, customized as customer's requirement.

Color: Customized as customer's requirement.


HDPE Windbreak Netting Against Wind and Dust

Windbreak net is an effective response to bad weather conditions, such frost and ice, reducing wind speeds and increasing temperatures. They also prevent soil erosion and reduce plant desiccation The.y are eassy to install and use. Therefore, windbreak net is used widely used in the agriculture in many countries.

The structure of windbreak net 

Our monofilament windbreak nets are made from high-density polyethylene ( HDPE). They are UV stable and non resistant offering a cylindrical and completely thread form.They provide significant resistance and are guaranteed to offer excellent durability. Our factory can produce various netting types as customer's requirement.

Advantages and application of windbreak net

Nowaday, wind break netting are widely used in the argiculture. They are eassy to install and use Moreover, they bring a lot of advantages as below: 

  • UV stabilized and rot resistant

  • Good wind speed reduction.

  • Place windbreak nets directly on tunnels and protect your crops from wind, high insolation and provide better ventilation during summer months.

  • Set up windbreaks barriers as protective walls and protect your crops from damage either in open fields or tunnels. Place the wind barrier always transverse to the direction that the wind blows. Every windbreak barrier protects crops for 8/10 times its height.

​To prove the benifit of windbreak netting, we carried out the test in the Korean flied. We test and record the plants are covered by windbreak net under bad weather condition and opporsite case within 4 weeks.

                            Seed                                                                                              After 1 week

                                         After 2 weeks                                                                         After 4 weeks

 The left: Use windbreak net, the right: No use windbreak net

Why you should buy  windbreak net at IRI Factory Vina?

On the market, there are many reputable and quality manufacturers and distributors of windbreak net. Iri Factory Vina is one of the leading netting factory and trusted by many businesses.Our windbreak nets are trusted by many countries such as Korea, Japan, Canada,...

Above is all information about windbreak net. Hope you can find some interested in our products. For any further information, you can visit: 

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